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for Golden Ticket invitees

CONGRATULATIONS if you are a current Special Ticket holder from a WMC Qualifiier - this is where you come to find out about the next

World Mathematics Championships® Finals!

NEXT FINALS: SENIOR level 15-20 December 2018

It is an honour to partner up with the University of Melbourne in helping us to keep up with demand by facilitating more qualifier venues by also creating a 'best of the best' finals stage - with FIVE full days of competition and TWELVE rounds! What else would you expect if you'd like to be crowned the winner of the World Mathematics Championships®?

Immediately before this competition, participants are welcome to stay within Trinity College (where we will be based) for their Young Leaders Programme (YLP).

Developing leadership skills are very important attributes and so incorporating this into our finals competition is a perfect enhancement of our qualifiers. Trinity College is a fenced compound within the Univesity of Melbourne. It is a very safe and secure environment; sampling independence and experience of university life is a given. Partipants will stay in the hall of residence on a twin sharing basis. They are assigned to a university mentor (all of whom have submitted a working with children check, have been through an interview process and most are expereienced performing a similar role in the YLP).

Golden Ticket winners are therefore invited to these finals as individuals. The registration form contains sections to enter the names of friends they know are also going and would like to room with or be in Communication Teams with. They need to arrive during the morning of Saturday 15th December and depart during the morning of Thursday 20th December with their own travel and medical insurance. Mentors can collect participants from Melbourne airport and also take them back afterwards. As spaces are limited and Unversity of Melbourne require bookings to be confirmed in advance, all Golden Tickets need to be fully accepted (registration form completed and payment transfered) by 31st October 2018. The participation fee is USD1500 each.

Some rounds will be the same as you enjoyed in your qualifying competition, many will be similar but there will also be a few rounds that are new!

Skills categories Challenge
Communication Cooperation
Knowledge Mathematician Lightning Shuttle Proof
Strategy Duel Innovation Pursuit Crypto
Creativity Codebreaker Open Inspiration Datamine
The latest schedule will appear below when prepared:

The most important preparation you could do is having:
confidence in articulating conceptual understanding of the mathematics you have experienced so far, verbally as well as in writing.
the awareness and skills to manage diverse team dynamics (in stressful situations).

Most rounds are very similar in style as you experienced during your Qualifier. As for the 3 extra new rounds:
Thinking about how you would approach this problem might prove useful.
Similarly, you might like to engage with these Cryptography methods:
Caesar Shift (Lesson 1 only)
Transpisition (Nice Introduction) (Ours won't be as hard as this)
Frequency Analysis
Common cipers
Knowledge of the tools used to sort data in a spreadsheet might also come in handy.

And most important for the whole week, remembering to smile!

NEXT FINALS: JUNIOR level 30 June-6 July 2019

How to accept your Golden Ticket (also written on your hard copy)

1. Parent's need to signup and create an account (this includes clicking an activation link within an email - or they just login if they already have one)
2. When logged in, follow the steps in the blue box at the top of their dashboard:
       a. Click the link to enter the code
       b. Enter Unique_ID that is written at the bottom of your Qualifier ID tag
       c. Accept ticket and proceed to registration form and the payment portal
3. When the payment and form are both completed - we look forward to welcoming them on Saturday 15th December in Melbourne!

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